A world of Differences

The Sun Shines On Everyone 

The Sun Shines On Everyone" is a 6 minute video that tells the extraordinary story of a spiritual journey that lead to the writing of The Sun poem:

Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone:
Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White
the sun does not discriminate.
© 1985 Sara Ting

This is a timeless and universal poem. It offers a new perspective on diversity, one that is empowering and enlightening. The Sun Poem has been developed into an educational tool. It’s printed on bookmarkers, magnets and posters. In the past two years these tools have been introduced to schools and universities across the US. Now they’re in 49 states.

This video may be used as a catalyst for a dialogue on diversity. It also can be purchased along with a training manual on how the video may be used for 2 1/2 - 3 hour workshops. The cost of one video is $495, with the training manual it’s $400. Duplicate copies of the video are available at discounted rates. Information is provided upon request of copies. 

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