All workshops are interactive, engaging and thought provoking.

Workshops can also be customized to meet the needs of the organization.


This is a critical workshop that underlies diversity training.  

Without self-awareness it becomes more challenging to work in a diverse environment. One module on self-awareness has been presented since 1987. It has proven to be highly effective in sharpening self-awareness and empowering participants to understand and value diversity.

Diversity Skills

There are specific skills that are needed to successfully engage with diversity.

This workshop teaches participants the skills and value of diversity training. Developing these skills will serve them throughout their life.

Cultural Competency

Understanding and valuing cultural differences helps breakdown misperceptions and stereotypes. 

This workshop helps participants develop an awareness of the value of diversity and cultural competency.


Understanding the power of perception

How it can impact thinking and course of action. This workshop focuses on the power of perception when engaging with diversity.


Enhancing communication skills is critical in addressing diversity.

Communication is the bridge to productivity, creativity, teamwork and leadership. Developing sharper communication skills as it relates to diversity therefore becomes critical to the process of embracing diversity. This workshops helps develop greater communication skills resulting in productivity and teamwork that produces results.


Walking the talk – bringing together all the skills and knowledge that are needed to embrace diversity.

This workshop identifies and strengthens the critical skills and knowledge that is essential to leading a diverse workshop and empower the leader to accomplish his/her mission.

The Art of Conversation

The art of conversation is a powerful skill for professionals.

It can help an individual connect with colleagues, establish rapport, build team spirit and network inside and out of your organization. The more skilled your are in the art of conversation the more opportunities you will discover that can enhance your professional development throughout your career.

This workshop is a presentation on the Art of Conversation. It would include an interactive lecture, group exercises, wrap up session and networking opportunity. Goals of the presentation are: 1) identify the value of developing the skill of conversation as it relates to work 2) develop self-awareness around the skills of conversation and 3) identify specific skills that are needed in the art of conversation. The workshop addresses such questions as:

• What is the value of learning the art of conversation ?
• How does it help us in meetings and conferences?
• What stops us from engaging in a conversation?
• If a person is of a different cultural background how does that impact the conversation?
• What are the specific skills needed in having a conversation?
• What are the benefits of being a good conversationalist?

Participants would become more aware of what are benefits and advantages of being able to engage in conversation and how it can enhance their ability to succeed. They will learn the specifics skills and mind set they need to engage in conversation. 

Speaking Engagements

Sara speaks about diversity with clarity, vision and passion. She offers presentations focused on diversity, leadership and vision. She can speak to a small intimate group or a large auditorium setting.

If you are interested in a speaking engagement, please fill out the form on the right and submit.

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